These quill lampshades are shaped and designed in such a way that the light displays a beautiful pattern when switched on. If you’re going for an African theme in your home, I would suggest that you incorporate one of these into your home. A quill lampshade sets the tone for a romantic evening in your home I myself have plenty in my home and I’m proud to say that it is my own creation. You can buy them at



A good quill lampshade will be very sturdy on the frame and the wax cord will be in a zigzag pattern on the bottom strut and at the top it will have a forward loop finish.

Any good shade should have 3 struts; this is just a fancy name for the wire frame. These shades retail at a ridiculous price, because it goes through so many hands, but if you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer then you’re bound to score a bargain. A good quill lampshade will have strong; clean; thick quills on it and will last you a lifetime.





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