Leather Crafts 





Leather Crafts like exclusive - Deluxe - Luxurious - Ostrich Leather Golf Club bags, Travel Bags and Carry Cases.

Our hand crafted, full size Golf bag has a 9.5 inch club-opening with brass-zippered pockets and compartments galore. Complete with weather-resistant hood (not shown).

Reinforced, padded shoulder strap, deluxe interior lining and exquisite design will make you the envy of both your club or anywhere you choose to play. Overall size of the golf bag is 34 inches - 86cm x 20 inches - 50cm x 11 inches - 28cm.

Our Deluxe Golf and Sports Kit bags are double lined and padded, fully expandable for extra packing space and have a separate zippered waterproof compartment for wet or dirty shoes.





Ownership of genuine ostrich leather products is exclusively available for the discerning buyer only. Recognition and admiration of our extensive range of unique ostrich leather products is assured. Unsurpassed tactile strength makes ostrich the strongest and one of the softest leathers available in the world today.

Your investment brings with it functionality, style, pride of ownership and enduring quality to last a lifetime. Inspection for imperfections accounts for the rejection and discarding of almost 50% of the hides before our craftsmen begin their time honoured skills.

Chromium-Aniline tanning, recognised world wide as the most expensive and durable process, provides the highest quality and luxurious finish. Precision, accuracy, painstaking attention to details and perfected hand sewing ensure we produce for you exquisite ostrich leather accessories for life long ownership.




Comfortable and durable alligator and crocodile skin goods. Unique, Prestigious and Reliable crocodile leather make the owner irresistible in business and love. OEM orders for crocodile skin goods are welcomed. Logo's or your company brand name can be made for crocodile leather wallets, belts, briefcases, purses etc.


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